Internet quizzes that are getting a little too personal

by Broti Gupta ’15

Staff Columnist

Over the past few months, have your Facebook friends been posting results to “What They Should Be When They Grow Up?!” or “What Kind of Disney Princess Are They?!” with captions like, “This quiz totally gets me”? In a day and age of figuring out our lives through Internet quizzes, when will enough be enough?  Here are a series of quizzes where I’d probably draw the line:

Where Should You Really Live?

Where Should You Really Have Grown Up?

Where Should You Have Had Your Thirteenth Birthday Party?

Why Didn’t You Have Your Thirteenth Birthday Party There?

Have Your Parents Always Disappointed You Like This?

Can This Explain Your Weird Relationship With Your Father?

Hmm… Tell Me More About That.

Do You Think There’s Something You’ve Done?

I’m Not Saying It’s Your Fault, But Maybe Something You Unintentionally Did?

Why Are You Getting So Defensive?

We Can Go Back To The Mother Problem, If You Want?

Could It Possibly Be A Generational Thing?

Which Generation Should You Have Been Born In?

Sorry, Back To The Topic: Just Because You’re Her Daughter Doesn’t Mean You’re Her.

Do You Think It’s Fair For Her To Think That About You?

What Was Her Relationship With Her Mother Like?

You Mentioned It Getting Stronger As She Got Older?

Do You Think That Maybe You’re Both Going Through A Transformative Stage?


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