This week’s workout comes from Anne Liu ’17, the sports and wellness editor, who regularly practices corepower yoga. The following workout is designed to stretch and strengthen your core and contribute a healthier lifestyle.

This sequence should be repeated three times, but know your limits and take a break if you feel painfully strained.

1. 1 minute: Plank with arms extended

30 second rest

2. 1 minute: Plank on elbows

30 second rest

3. 1 minute: Staying in the planking position, bring your right knee to your nose and repeat for the full minute

30 second rest

4. 1 minute: Staying in the planking position bring you left knee to your nose and repeat for full minute

30 second rest

5. 1 to 3 minutes: Pick one of your favorite upbeat workout songs and do bicycle sit ups for the duration of the track.

Terminology and tips:

-When planking, remember to keep your back straight and pull your stomach in to really work out that core.

-For planking on elbows, remain in the planking position but rest on your elbows, interlocking your hands to create a triangle. Elbow planking firms up your underarms.

-For knee to nose, start in the planking position and then bring your right or left knee in, pulling it forward into your body and tucking it toward your nose. Remember to keep the rest of your body as steady as possible to ensure that the workout is effective.

-For bicycle sit-ups, cup your head with your interlocking hands and touch your right elbow to your left bent knee (while your right leg is relaxed on the floor) and vice versa. Repeat until you feel the burn.

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