Eight members have resigned from the board of the Minnesota Orchestra as a protest against the impending departure of Orchestra President Michael Henson. These developments are the latest chapter in the saga that began with a 16-month lockout of the musicians after attempts to negotiate a new contract fell through. Although a contract was eventually signed in January of this year, the orchestra lost a quarter of its musicians and its music director, Osmo Vanska.


77,000 Kate Bush tickets sold out in 15 minutes after the reclusive singer-songwriter announced that she would perform 15 shows in London between Aug. 26 and Sept. 19 of this year. This tour represents her first extended string of performances since the lavishly staged tour in 1979 that began her career.


The Hold Steady released their new album, “Teeth Dreams” on March 25. “Teeth Dreams” marks the end of the band’s 2012-2013 hiatus and their first studio album since they released “Heaven is Whenever” in 2011.


Public Art


Depaul Charity in the United Kingdom and the publicity firm Publicis London have launched a program of public art, called “Street Stories.” The “stories” are splashy, vibrant murals painted on the side of East London buildings, designed to depict and call attention to the lives of the city’s homeless youth. A sample mural reads “I’ve slept everywhere / at night it’s a jungle.” The murals are intended to draw viewers to the project’s digital location,, where they can contribute to a charity dedicated to ending homelessness.


In Spain, a collective of art activists known as Luzinterruptus created a bold response to Spain’s sweeping new anti-abortion legislation. The project is called “Rights to Trample On” and is comprised of a large pile of half-inflated sex dolls strewn in front of the Ministry of Justice in Madrid. The dolls are lit and feature black tape across their mouths, meant to draw attention to the risk of social rights, once achieved by outspoken activism, being legislated away.


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