CG approved SLS and Wellesley S.M.I.L.E.S. as ballot iniatives

College Government (CG) approved the Student Leadership Stipend (SLS) and Wellesley S.M.I.L.E.S. on Monday for the election ballot during the Senate meeting. Representatives from both initiatives presented their plans on how they would use the $11,000 and answered questions from senators last week. This week, the representatives returned to reiterate their campaign plans and answer follow-up questions before senators voted. Ballot initiatives need to be approved by a majority of senators first before appearing on the election ballot. Both initiatives were approved by a majority of senators, and representatives from SLS and Wellesley S.M.I.L.E.S. began campaigning for student support yesterday. The ballot initiative will appear on the election ballot along with CG Cabinet candidates. However, unlike CG candidates who can win an election by receiving more votes than any other candidate, ballot initiatives must receive more than 50 percent of the votes to win.


Ben Hammond presents update on Campus Renewal

Ben Hammond, the vice president for finance and administration, spoke about recent Campus Renewal developments, which were formerly known as Wellesley 2025. Building renovation projects will affect approximately 16 percent of the campus by the expected time of completion, which is before 2025. Schneider and the Field house, the first buildings that will be renovated by Campus Renewal, will be completed later this year. Field house renovations began on two weeks ago and renovations to Schneider will commence in June. According to Hammond, Campus Renewal has had “growing pains” in the process, especially with respect to the communication between the administration and students. Campus Renewal is attempting to “catch-up” after years of leaving much needed building improvement unaddressed. Students are welcome to serve on any project committee for renovations. A new blog, “The Dirt”, delivers real-time updates about Campus Renewal. In addition to the renovations, all residence halls will be renovated in some way in order to improve living conditions for all students who live on campus. The administration plans to speak with custodians, faculty and staff members who work in dining halls and residence halls when developing plans to renovate those buildings.


The College will add a dining hall to Munger Hall 

Planning has begun for a full renovation of Munger Hall as part of Campus Renewal. Currently, plans factor in full dining hall. No decision has been made as to what will happen to other dining halls on campus, although Ben Hammond, vice president for finance and administration, stated that all other renovations to dining halls will be based off the plans for Munger. Hammond did not mention when the College will begin  work on Munger Hall, but stated that students will be unable to live in the hall throughout the time of the renovation. Dean DeMeis is currently looking into where students will live while Munger is closed.


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