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Temperatures are heating up, so we should all get on out there! Winter has been long and dreary and the warm weather comes with tons of perks, which include the ability to participate in this week’s workout.

If you’re in the workout mood, you can start with a jog around the lake and cool down by strolling around and enjoying the wonderful new weather. Be sure to wind down with a few static stretch sets following these steps:


1. lunges: 30 seconds each side

2. back twists from side to side: 1 minute

3. toe touching: 30 seconds

4. back bend: 30 seconds

5. splits: 30 seconds leaning on each side

(Be careful! Only go as low as you can!)


When you’re done with this stretch set you can continue onto some fitness sets which include:


1. 10 burpees: jump up into the air, then lower into a push-up position, perform a push-up, and repeat

2. 10 kangaroo jumps: jump into the air, and lift your knees as high as possible while landing as softly as you can

3. 30 crunches: listen to your most upbeat music and crunch out!

4. 10 high knees: make sure to keep your back straight

5. 10 squats: make sure to keep your back as straight as possible, and sit down as opposed to leaning forward


Enjoy this wonderful workout along with Wellesley’s gorgeous campus, and you’ll have a toned body in no time.


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