Senate Report

CG “Hackathon” to take place in October

The College Government (CG) Cabinet plans to host a brainstorming event titled “Hackathon” at the end of October. The event, which is open to the student body and senators alike, will allow students to generate ideas and projects with senators in round-table discussions. The cabinet has also arranged for a speaker to present at the event.

College will participate in its first Hazing Prevention Week

The College developed a new hazing policy, which was released last spring. The policy supplements the Massachusetts law on hazing with Wellesley-specific guidelines and incorporates the Wellesley Honor Code. The policy was developed by the Office of Student Involvement in consultation with the Honor Code Council and students. Students are encouraged to sign a pledge against hazing to support the new policy.

CG to release results of mental health survey in coming weeks

The College Government conducted a survey of the student body on mental health last year. The Cabinet intends to release the results of the survey at Senate in the next few weeks. The Cabinet also has plans to co-host an event with Active Minds about mental health.

College to reevaluate sexual misconduct policy

Wellesley College reevaluates each policy every three years. Last year the College updated the drug policy and in the year previous, the alcohol policy. This year, the College will update the sexual misconduct policy. Dean DeMeis emphasized that it is important that the policy be in accordance with Title IX legislation. The administration will reevaluate the policy with the help from two students, one of whom belongs to Sexual Assault Awareness for Everyone (SAAFE).

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