In the spotlight: Alison Savage talks art and inspiration

In the Davis Museum stands “Deluge,” an imposing black glass sculpture by Visiting Lecturer Candice Ivy in studio art. The piece features visually striking jagged edges from floor to ceiling. Behind it is the work of Lina Ye ’17 and Alison Savage ’17, who interned at the Davis Museum over the summer. Savage, a media arts and sciences major from Portland, Maine, helped Ivy construct the wooden frame and overlay recycled windshields on the sculpture. Besides her work with Ivy, Savage is building a significant portfolio of her own.


“Owl Plate,” ceramic and transfer paper.

Having painted since she was young, Savage displayed her art at the Portland WCSH 6 Sidewalk Art Festival from ages 14 to 18. In the past, she has used various media to express herself: acrylic paint, ink, charcoal and graphic. More recently, however, she has begun to experiment with new forms.

“Some of my favorite work to produce has been using mixed media, such as collage with oil paint or scratchboard with construction paper,” Savage said.

Her creations this semester are based on the topics of her two art classes: two-dimensional design and black-and-white film photography. Her geometric patterns and techniques from her recent designs draw from her past abstract paintings, and she cites the geometric styles of Vance Kirkland, Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian for providing inspiration.

As for her interest in photography, Savage looks up to portrait photographer Francesca Woodman, who is known for capturing the subject’s emotion in her black and white artwork. Savage also strives to incorporate her own emotions into her work in a range of media.

“I am inspired mainly by my own life experience and personal interactions and how they relate to those of others,” Savage said. “Lately, I’ve developed an interest in the relationship between the many facets of depression and anxiety and the arts, and this has influenced my artistic style.”

Besides creating art pieces, Savage also plays on the Ultimate Frisbee team, the Wellesley Whiptails and is a DJ at WZLY, Wellesley’s student-run radio station. She hopes eventually to channel her talent, diverse interests and developing portfolio of work into a career in graphic or web design. Because of Savage’s many talents in different forms of media, look out for her work everwhere from galleries at Wellesley to your computer screen.


Untitled,” pen, white charcoal on paper.

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