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Some birds and bees told us some of you were curious about genitaliart. If you have no idea what we’re talking about first think of vajazzling. Yeah, bedazzling your vulva or where your pubic hair is – it’s an example of expressing yourself. Other, less famous albeit but equally valid forms include, tattoos, dyeing, and piercings. Let’s start with vajazzling. First off, vajazzling is the adorning of the pubic area with crystals, glitter, or other decoration. Some waxing centers actually offer this, well at least they did around 2010. You can also buy online kits. They send you crystals that will temporarily adhere to your skin. It’s recommended that you wax the area before hand for smoother skin so it’ll be easier to apply, and to refrain from applying any creams to the area right before. Once you pull off the sticky backs and apply you’ll be vajazzled! It won’t last too long.

Tattoos. If you want to get an area tattooed; shave or wax the area beforehand and leave some time before your appointment so that the skin isn’t irritated. The main thing is to remember how sensitive this skin is and how carefully you need to clean it. Wash twice a day and pat dry, then apply a scentless lotion daily for a while — it takes tattoos weeks to heal. A quick Internet search will let you know that more guys get their penises tattooed than you’d think.

You’ll want to be extremely careful when it comes to getting a piercing for your lower genitals. Depending on where you get your piercing you may have to face some sexual restrictions for a while because of exchanging bodily fluids. It is vital that you schedule a consultation to make sure that your desired piercing is possible. Bodies are diverse so while one person might have thicker skin another might have skin too thin to support a piercing. When caring for a piercing— never touch it with dirty hands. Try cleaning it in the shower with warm water to help wash dead skin away as it heals. Avoid baths for a while. Use a simple sea salt or saline solution to wash the area twice a day and after sex or masturbation, you don’t want to subject the area to a harsh soap. Refrain from rubbing the piercing clean, try patting and use paper products instead of a towel or washcloth. Don’t use any creams on your new piercing. These piercings are very particular. If it falls out, call or go to the person who pierced you as soon as you can otherwise it will very likely close up.

Piercing your boobies. These are much more common for people than piercings of clitorises or forchettes (the skin below the bottom of the vaginal opening and over the perineum). Nipples come in all shapes and sizes so you want to make sure yours can get pierced. If you have an inverted nipple, it is a lot harder to pierce, and so you should consider getting a piercing somewhere else. Good news for my itty bitty titty committee members! Nipple piercings tend to heal faster for this demographic because there is less weight on the breasts. However, pain varies from individual to individual. Apart from whether a pierced nipple fits your aesthetic, many people report that their nipple sensitivity increases as a result of a nipple piercing. You might have heard that the sensitivity decreases in the long run. I want to clarify that the sensitivity decreases from the initial spike in sensitivity after piercing, and not from your original senitivity. A way that people have gotten around that is by putting in a larger or thicker piercing! The healing process includes holding ice packs to your nipples. Take your time and be careful for about eight weeks after piercing them. Soak your nipples in sea salt or a saline solution and take warm showers to allow dead skin to wash away. Sports bras and bras in general help support piercings in the beginning. You may have very erect nipples for a while, but that’s because your body is getting used to the piercing! Barbells are the recommended initial nipple piercing, and remember to keep it clean, clean, clean! Fun fact: some women report that breastfeeding was easier since they pierced their nipple, though they tend to remove the piercing to do so.

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