News in Brief: 10/21

College launches new humanities website

Wellesley launched a new website this week which offers a single space for students, faculty, staff, and others who want to access information about the humanities at Wellesley. The blog includes profiles of alumnae and current students who study the humanities at Wellesley. There is a section that highlights faculty in the humanities, including an op-ed in The Washington Post by Kathryn Lynch, dean of faculty affairs and an English professor at Wellesley College. Through the website, students can take an in depth look at specific humanities courses and access the course browser. The new website also includes student blogs and a calendar of upcoming humanities events on campus. The website can be accessed at

Wellesley calculus program receives recognition from White House

The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics noted a Wellesley calculus program as a “Bright Spot in Hispanic Education.” The Wellesley Emerging Scholars Initiative (WESI) was founded in 2012 by Oscar Fernandez, assistant professor of mathematics, and Stanley S. Chang, professor of mathematics. Fernandez and Chang have collected data on students involved in the program since 2013, and found that 60 percent of participants achieving grades at or above the average grades of non-WESI minority students. The program is based on collaborative learning, along with guidance and mentoring from faculty members.

CAMS and music department collaborate to create silent film

The cinema and media studies (CAMS) department collaborated with the music department to present “La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc.” The Orlando Consort, an expert European vocal group, was invited to perform as the vocal soundtrack to the silent film. The group is a British quintet celebrated for its 15th century repertoire. A member of the group will participate in a discussion on the film in a CAMS 101 class. This collaboration is one of many that CAMS has planned for this year with other departments, including the Spanish Department for Cinéphile Sundays.

Davis Museum Celebrates Family Day

The Davis welcomed families on Oct. 17 to a free event where they had the chance to learn about the creative process artists go through to create paintings. Students and families were invited to better understand the materials involved in paintings as well. The event included a scavenger hunt, interactive gallery tours and opportunities to meet and converse with visiting painters. Visitors were also able to experiment using watercolors and listen to stories in the Wellesley Free Library. Like many of the museum’s programs, this event was supported by the Palley Endowment Fund for Davis Museum Outreach Programs.

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