Statement of Intent for Community Organizing and Inclusion Liaison (COIL)

Headshot of the candidate. Photo Courtesy of Mikayla Tansil.

Dear Wellesley Sibs, 

My name is Mikayla Tansil (she/her), class of 2025, and I’m excited to once again declare my candidacy for your Community Organizing and Inclusion Liaison (COIL)! I have had the pleasure of serving as your 2023-2024 COIL and I feel as though there is plenty of work to still be done. Over the past year in college government, I have had the privilege of working alongside a supportive cabinet and various faculty members. Through this experience, I have garnered a better understanding of the inner workings of College Government, as well as the importance of incorporating student voices in conversations regarding Wellesley College operations. With the help of my lovely committee, I have secured free and accessible resources for students to use during their advocacy affairs. Additionally, I have made strides to improve overall accessibility and access to accommodations by facilitating conversations with the new director of the ADR office. I hope to continue working on the initiatives from my current term, but looking forward, I believe that my experience and the relationships that I have built will help me to finally bring ASL to Wellesley. With the pandemic, the college prioritized student health and new methods of functioning, but the time is now to jump on bringing this new curricula to the college. Not only will it offer more inclusive opportunities to satisfy the language requirement, but it will propose an exciting facet of cross-registering with Wellesley. Aside from ASL, I plan to continue to push for administration to be more transparent with the student body. This can be seen in my efforts to at last establish emporium and leaky beaker food items pricing and to refine the terms of the current demonstration policy. 

To summarize, as your COIL, I hope to do the following: 

1) Uplift voices of marginalized communities on campus: I plan to have an open form of communication in which students can express concerns they’d like to bring to administration outside of Senate, which can be an intimidating space at times. 

2) Lead the Community Organizing Resource Collective Committee (CORC) within College Government: As a returner to SGA, I feel as though I’ll have new tricks in my hat to further advocate for the needs of students. 

3) Continue to make COIL & SGA more known to the student body: Host events that welcome students to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion disparities within the Wellesley administration and curriculum. Engaging with students through social media platforms to bring attention to events and opportunities happening around campus. 

4) Further previous years’ initiatives: I hope to continue utilizing the relationships that I have formed within College Government and faculty to bring the goals of my previous terms’ initiatives to fruition. 

Thank you all for your consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me using my wellesley email address:

“Voting will take place via WEngage on March 5th. For more information, check out or email any questions to or email any questions to

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