Statement of Intent for Secretary-Treasurer

Headshot of the candidate. Photo Courtesy of Camila Millan.

As a rising sophomore and international student, I am excited to apply for the Secretary-treasurer position for the College Government and be able to contribute to Wellesley’s community and play an active role in supporting the student body. 

My background in education, specifically as an English teacher and entrepreneur running an international English academy, has equipped me with valuable skills that I believe will translate well into the responsibilities of the Secretary role within the College Government. I am adept at organizational tasks, such as attending meetings, maintaining thorough records of discussions, sending out emails and announcements, and scheduling meetings and events. 

Furthermore, my experience as a Student Philanthropy Officer at the Phonathon Program at Wellesley College has provided me with essential skills that will help me perform the treasurer position with efficiency and transparency in a way that benefits the student community. I would be happy to coordinate fundraising events and campaigns when needed, keep track of expenses, create budgets, and ensure proper allocation of funds. 

I am committed to performing my tasks in this position by fostering the inclusion of all students in the decisions taken. One way I would ensure that is by enhancing the communication channels between CG and the student body through seeking feedback from students to guarantee that their needs are being addressed. 

As this would be my first time participating in College Government, occupying this role is also an opportunity to deepen my knowledge and understanding of Wellesley’s College Government structure and its policies to support the student body to the best of my ability. 

Thank you for considering my application. 

“Voting will take place via WEngage on March 5th. For more information, check out or email any questions to

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