Editorial Board

Alexandra Otero
Co-Editor in Chief
Alex is a senior from San Antonio, TX majoring in History and Political Science. When not working on News, she enjoys exploring Boston, drinking coffee, and taking photos of her cat, Baby.
Jacqueline Sanchez
Co-Editor in Chief
Jacqueline Sánchez is a double major in History and English. She is from Las Cruces, New Mexico. In her free time, she loves to take road trips and search for authentic Mexican cuisine.
Mary Meisenzahl
Co-Managing Editor
Mary Meisenzahl is a junior at Wellesley College from Rochester, NY. She is a history major and economics minor interested in journalism and issues of freedom of expression. Outside of The Wellesley News, she is usually watching Chopped marathons or taking pictures of her dog.
Sophie Hurwitz
News Editor
Sophie is a sophomore from St. Louis, Missouri. She intends to major in History with a minor in something (who knows what), and would like you to follow her on Twitter @sophiehurwitz. Outside of the Wellesley News, she writes for the St. Louis American and The Contemporary.
Isha Gupta
News Editor
Isha is a freshman from Palo Alto, California majoring in International Relations – Political Science. When not writing for the Wellesley News, she enjoys exploring the food scene in Boston, hanging out with friends, and watching Buzzfeed videos.
Christine Arumainayagam
Features Editor
Christine is a junior from the town of Wellesley. She loves Spanish, coffee, dogs, books and writing strange fiction. Ideally she would be an author/poet living on top of a tapas restaurant in Córdoba.
Diana Lam
Business Manager
Diana is a junior at Wellesley, where she studies Political Science and Economics. A native of the Los Angeles area, Diana is a big fan of avocados and sunny days.
Ciara Wardlow
Co-Arts Editor
Ciara Wardlow is a senior double majoring in Cinema and Media Studies and Biological Sciences. Her interests include science, movies, and especially how science is portrayed in movies. In addition to the Wellesley News, she writes for Film School Rejects.
Kelechi Alfred-Igbokwe
Co-Arts Editor
Kelechi Alfred-Igbokwe is a student from Lagos, Nigeria studying International Relations. She loves writing about books and movies, and can often be found debating about characters who deserve better. She dreams of being an International Human Rights Lawyer post-college.
Erin Kelly
Sports Editor
Erin is a junior from San Diego California who is majoring in English. When Erin is not working on the paper, she enjoys reading, running around Lake Waban, and watching movies with her friends.
Qihan Deng
Publicity/Outreach Manager
Qihan is an international student from Beijing, China. She intends to major in Math and Econ. When not writing for the Wellesley News, she loves traveling, exploring food in Boston, checking out the public transportation in different cities and watching Buzzfeed videos on Youtube. She also loves drinking tea!
Karolina Oleszczuk
Photography Editor
Karolina is a sophmore from Poland and France. She is a prospective Political Science and Cinema & Media Studies double major. In her free time, you can find her at the swimming pool, in the kitchen, or enjoying the outdoors and shooting some photos. She loves traveling, skiing, and listening to jazz and indie.
Artemisia Luk
Co-Digital Editor
Artemisia Luk is a sophomore intending to major in Media Arts and Sciences. She enjoys experimenting with and making anything related to art and technology. Her favorite medium is photography.
Nina Sachdev
Co-Digital Editor
Nina is a sophomore from Princeton, New Jersey. She is a prospective Chemistry major and enjoys playing piano jazz music, learning about Latin American culture, watching “Sherlock”, and hanging out with her dogs.