Editorial Board

Sharvari Johari ’17, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Sharvari Johari is a senior at Wellesley College majoring in Economics and Sociology. Outside of writing for The Wellesley News she is interested in dance fitness, drinking Earl Grey tea and wearing black.



Michelle Lee ’17, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Michelle H. Lee is a member of the Class of 2017 double-majoring in English and Art History. When she’s not reading or writing, she could be found eating in Chinatown or taking frivolous trips to New York City.



Mary Meisenzahl ’19, Managing Editor

Mary Meisenzahl is a sophomore at Wellesley College from Rochester, NY. She is a history major and economics minor interested in journalism and issues of freedom of expression. Outside of The Wellesley News, she is usually watching Chopped marathons or taking pictures of her dog.



Emily Bader ’18, Managing Editor

Emily Bader is a junior and International Relations – History major / Middle Eastern Studies minor from Los Angeles, CA. When she is not reading a stack of papers for her history classes, she is watching Parks and Rec, talking about food, or complaining about how much reading she has.



Jane Vaughan ’18, News Editor

Jane Vaughan is a junior at Wellesley College, where she studies English and Art History. When she’s not working on the newspaper, she is usually reading, boxing, or watching violent Scorsese movies.



Jacqueline Sanchez ’19, News Editor

Jacqueline Sánchez is a sophomore History major and prospective English double major. She is from Las Cruces, New Mexico. In her free time, she loves to take road trips and search for authentic Mexican cuisine.



Alexandria Otero ’19, News Editor

Alex is a sophomore from San Antonio, TX majoring in History and Political Science. When not working on News, she enjoys exploring Boston, drinking coffee, and taking photos of her cat, Baby.



Grace Ballenger ’17, Features Editor

Grace Ballenger is a senior, double majoring in English and Spanish. Before studying abroad in Spain she somehow managed to live 15 years of her life in three places within a day’s drive from each other. She has also ended up studying far too many languages, and is now trying to keep track of them all. When she’s not spending her free time reviewing Italian or Arabic, you might find her baking, drawing or reading, probably with a cup of tea on hand.


Noor Pirani ’19, Features Editor

Noor Pirani is a sophomore hoping to pursue a double major in Biological Sciences and Spanish. Outside of working on The Wellesley News, Noor enjoys watching Urdu dramas, writing fiction, and baking (and eating) lemon squares.



Maya Nandakumar ’19, Opinions Editor

Maya Nandakumar is a sophomore from San Jose, California majoring in Classics. Her academic interests include cultural preservation, art history, and early Christianity. When not frantically writing articles at the last minute, she can be found reading Latin, talking about Latin, or extolling the various virtues of Latin.



Genae Matthews ’19, Opinions Editor

Genae Matthews is a sophomore from Ventura C.A majoring in philosophy and focusing in epistemology.  Genae’s other academic interests include epistemic justice, grassroots organizing, and environmental sustainability.  When not writing news articles or drinking tea in the philosophy department, Genae can be found reading novels, hiking, or making sandwiches at El Table.



Tabitha Wilson ’20, Assistant Opinions Editor

Tabitha Wilson is a first-year student from New York City who began writing for the Wellesley News in her first semester. She is planning to major in Economics, and outside of plotting economic growth she enjoys New York Times crosswords, listening to Drake and posting music on SoundCloud.



Ciara Wardlow ’19, Arts Editor

Ciara Wardlow is a sophomore double majoring in Cinema and Media Studies and Biological Sciences. Her interests include science, movies, and especially how science is portrayed in movies.  In addition to the Wellesley News, she writes for Film School Rejects.



Kathryn Cross ’20, Assistant Arts Editor

Kathryn Cross is a first-year at Wellesley who is planning on majoring in Peace and Justice.  Outside of the Wellesley News, she also edits the Wellesley Pre-Law Society’s Journal, and she is a social media chair for Fusion.



Jodi Wei ’20, Assistant Arts Editor

Jodi Wei is a first-year intending to pursue a double major in History and Political Science. Outside of writing for “The Wellesley News,” she enjoys interning with the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus (MWPC), singing with the Wellesley College Choir, and finding the best Asian restaurants in Boston.



Mary Lemay ’17, Sports & Wellness Editor

Mary is a senior majoring in Political Science and Cinema & Media Studies. She is a member of the lacrosse team and is a spin instructor for Wellesley Recreation. When not working for the News, she can be found binge watching Netflix, taking pictures of her food, or cheering on Wellesley athletics.



Fallon Oeser ’18, Assistant Sports Editor

Fallon is a junior majoring in Classics, and she is on the field hockey team. When she’s not working for the News, she can be found watching ESPN, going to games in Boston, or running around the lake.



Jee Lee ’19, Digital Editor

Jee Lee is a sophomore at Wellesley majoring Media Arts and Sciences.  When she is not on her computer you’ll see her taking photos of architecture, watching Tarantino films, and listening to Billie Holiday.



Sabrina Leung ’18, Digital Editor

Sabrina Leung is a junior majoring International-Relations Political Science with a minor in History from San Francisco, CA. Her academic interests include topics on International Security and U.S. foreign policy. Outside of the News, she enjoys exploring Boston with friends, and watching PBS Frontline documentaries.



Audrey Stevens ’17, Photography Editor

Audrey Stevens is a senior at Wellesley College, majoring in Cinema and Media Studies focusing in Film Production. She intends to become a Director of Photography and become the first woman to win an Academy Award for Best Cinematography. She enjoys weight lifting, thrifting, and playing Star Trek: Next Generation in the background while working on screenplays.



Lien Dao ’20, Assistant Photo Editor

Lien Dao is a first year intending to pursue a major in Economics. Outside The Wellesley News, she loves to travel around taking pictures and learn about Chinese culture



Ogochukwu Okoye ’17, Business Manager 

Ogochukwu (Ogo) Okoye is a senior at Wellesley College majoring in Economics and Women’s and Gender Studies with a concentration in U.S. Social Policy. Outside of working with News Editorial Board, she likes spending time with friends, eating snack foods, or watching the New England Patriots.



Jenna Mulrenan ’18, Assistant Business Manager

Jenna Mulrenan is a junior at Wellesley College majoring in Economics. She is a member of the lacrosse team and spent the previous semester studying in Barcelona. She loves watching Improv comedy shows with friends and reading on the beach.



Rachel Tao ’19, Design Editor

Rachael is a sophomore studying psychology at Wellesley College. When she’s not busy with layout tetris for The Wellesley News, she enjoys petting cats, drawing, ordering food she absolutely cannot afford,and watching crime shows.



Yona Levin ’18, Head Copy Editor

Yona Levin is a junior at Wellesley College from New York City. A double major in Political Science and English, she can often be found crafting, reading scifi/fantasy, and discussing either political theory or storytelling. In addition to the Wellesley News, Yona writes and produces for Wellesley College Television.



Divya Alukal ’17, Senior Copy Editor

Divya Alukal is a senior majoring in Anthropology with a minor in South Asia Studies. Some of her interests include religion, migration, and education. Outside of the Wellesley News she enjoys reading, skating, learning languages, and thinking about bears.