Fall Frenzy comes to an end

Fall frenzy by Colleen Flanagan '15 Staff Photographer

Singer Kate Nash tweets “I want to go to Wellesley!”


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Fall frenzy by Colleen Flanagan '15 Staff Photographer

Fall frenzy
by Colleen Flanagan ’15
Staff Photographer

Throughout the month of October, the Wellesley community celebrated Fall Frenzy and its free shirts, concerts and seasonal events. Fall Frenzy is one of the large-scale events organized by the Schneider Board of Governors (SBOG) to help make social life at Wellesley as exciting and inclusive as possible.

This year, Fall Frenzy events were spread out over an entire month rather than a single week due to the fact that the Fall Frenzy concert was scheduled for the end of the month.

According to Molly Tyler ’14, a SBOG board member, the timing and duration of Fall Frenzy is different every year.

“The timeline for Fall Frenzy is set up depending on availability of the artist and space and approval from admin. We also put a lot of different non-SBOG events under Fall Frenzy. Different orgs reach out to us about being included on the spam,” she said.

One such event was Lip Sync, which is organized by the House Presidents’ Council twice a year. The competition is open to everyone, including orgs, sports teams and groups of friends. Astro Club took first place; the Princez, a group of friends, took second; and Shakespeare Society placed third.

“I loved Lip Sync,” Sally Shepardson ’16 said. “I’m captain of an org so we were there taking notes for the spring lip sync.”

Students were also very excited about the annual SBOG-sponsored T-shirt giveaway. The line for shirts extended all the way around the Chapel even before the 12 p.m. giveaway starting time.

“I actually got here at 11:15, and SBOG wasn’t here yet,” Charlotte Fitzek ’15 said. “The wait is worth it, though.”

Due to scheduling conflicts, not all students were able to come so early, and some had to wait at the back of the line. Abra White ’15  suggested that separate lines for different t-shirt sizes could speed up the process.

“That would be more efficient,” she said.

Students also felt that that there could have been more spamming, even though they recalled seeing spam about Fall Frenzy on Facebook and residence halls.

“I personally would have liked to see more emails that listed all the Fall Frenzy events together,” Onema Ahmed ’17 said.

Despite this, many Wellesley students looked forward to the annual Fall Frenzy concert. This year, SBOG brought Kate Nash, an English indie rock musician.

“The name was not unfamiliar, but I didn’t know Kate Nash well before,” Shepardson said. “But she was awesome, awesome live.”

Even students who could not attend the concert heard praises of the concert and expressed regret in not attending.

“I totally would have gone,” Ahmed said. “I think Kate Nash is a good artist for Wellesley; she’s kind of quirky and hipster, and that’s like Wellesley culture.”

When picking artists, the SBOG board makes an effort to switch up the style every year and tries to bring in more female artists. The board also picks artists based on who they think would be a good fit for the Wellesley community, as well as student feedback from surveys.

“Kate Nash was an artist that kept coming up in previous surveys,” Tyler said. “The concert went really well. There was a lot of great energy. In fact, after the concert Kate Nash was in her dressing room when she heard Spice Girls playing. She ran out and joined people in the Pub.”

Kate Nash’s Twitter and Instagram includes several references to Wellesley.

Kate Nash even tweeted “I LOVE SBOG!” and “Thanks for having me! You are all soooo cute & awesome! Super women. I wanna go to wellesley!”

It won’t come as a surprise if the College sees an influx of Kate Nash fans applying to Wellesley this year.

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