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1,400 works of art were discovered in Germany, likely part of a massive collection that was stripped from its owners by Nazis during World War II. The paintings, discovered in Munich and outside Stuttgart, include works by artists such as Matisse, Otto Dix, Max Liebermann and Ernst Ludwig Kirschner. The art will be returned, to the fullest extent possible, to the descendants of their rightful owners in accordance with the 1998 Washington Agreements on confiscated art.


“Thor: The Dark World” sold $86.1 million in tickets at North American theaters this past weekend, in addition to $154.8 million in overseas ticket sales. This strong showing furthers a wave of successes for Disney-owned Marvel Studios. Although the film received the weakest critical reviews of any Marvel film to date, it did well in exit polls given to viewers, which bodes well for the film’s economic future.


On Nov. 15, Amazon premiered “Alpha House,” its first original series. The show follows four cohabitating Republican Senators and chronicles their adventures in scandal. The show differentiates itself from other political dramas by being the only show in which Barack Obama is actually President. The show can be accessed online for free by any Amazon Prime member.


On Nov. 11, Lady Gaga released “Artpop,” her third studio album. Although temporarily sidelined from her usual extravagant performances by a hip injury, Gaga is back and as unapologetically “out there” as ever. Notably, the cover of “Artpop” features a sculpture of Lady Gaga done by notable pop artist Jeff Koons.


“Die Frau Ohne Schatten” (“The Woman without a Shadow”) has returned to the Metropolitan Opera after 10 years. Based on a German fairytale, the story follows a goddess who falls for a mortal man, and must attain a shadow to become mortal within three days in order to prevent her lover from turning to stone. Despite some especially wacky elements in the story and a sparse audience, the production promises to be a success.

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