Letter to the Editor

The open letter to the trustees from WZLY has  been removed because it had previously been published and circulated by WZLY. The Wellesley News only publishes original content and not previously-published open letters. We regret the error.


  • Stephanie says:

    As an alumna, I can say that being a DJ and an e-board member for WZLY was one of the most defining experiences of my time at Wellesley as well as incredibly formative to my general development. The thought that the administration is giving sweet WZLY the jerk around (really, that short of a notice period friends? Poor form– and I even work in academia) is heartbreaking, and further, the idea that future generations of Wendies would miss out on Electric Ladyland makes my stomach turn with literal disgust.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Can someone from WZLY post a link to the open letter on another page? Many had already shared this link on Facebook, etc.

  • Gail Jurczyk says:

    Full of dismay. Proud Aunts and Uncles across the country, most of us indifferent to Wellesley until a niece we love embraced it, got to share the airwaves of WZLY and feel for ourselves what drew her. Why would you end an outreach like this?

  • Also an alumna, I second Stephanie. Even though I was a DJ and e-board member more than seven years ago, I continue to define myself and my time at Wellesley by the experience. WZLY is a vibrant and essential part of Wellesley’s present community and historical past. A liberal arts institution of Wellesley’s stature should value its radio station not only as a purveyor of the arts, but as the country’s first radio station founded and run by Women Who Will. That WZLY has survived and flourished with so little assistance from the administration is a testament to students’ commitment. Wellesley 2025 must find a way to accommodate the technical and logistical needs (read: maintain the station space) of a vital, historic organization whose membership shows no signs of waning.

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