College Government (CG) reviews spam policy for student orgs

College Government reviewed the spamming policy for student orgs on campus. All physical and electronic flyers must include an email contact for questions and note that any concerns about accommodations for disabilities should be directed to Jim Wice under the format “acc: jwice.” Orgs may only post spam on related conferences online and cannot send out more than five messages in a day to Community Announcements. Orgs cannot chalk on staircases, vertical walls or on areas covered by a roof, which prevents rain from washing the chalk away. Violations of the spam policy will be dealt with individually but orgs who violate the policy three times will be fined $15.


Honor Code Council releases numbers on honor code violations last year

Chief Justice Lily Elsner ’14 announced statistics on the honor code violations committeed during the 2012-13 academic year. There were 47 total charges last year, 42 of which had grounds for hearing while 38 underwent the hearing process. 27 were academic charges, four of which were resolved with the faculty involved. There were 14 non-academic charges and there was one case involving student-to-student sexual misconduct. The most common academic charge was plagiarism while the most common non-academic charge was theft.


Multicultural safe space committee announces goals for next semester

The multicultural safe space ad hoc committee announced its goals for the rest of the year this week. The committee released a video yesterday on the CG Facebook page about the definition of a safe space. For the remainder of the academic year, the committee aims to create a Facebook page to increase understanding and awareness about the need for safe spaces on campus and look into safe spaces at other peer institutions. The multicultural and LGBTQ orgs now use the old Hoop Cafe as storage space for supplies, but do not have their own safe spaces on campus to store supplies or congregate. The committee also plans to take inventory of the items currently stored in the old Hoop Cafe to organize and keep track of them. By the end of this year, the committee hopes to find an alternate storage area on campus for these orgs.

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