This week’s workout comes from Claire Benson ’14, who is a boot camp instructor for Wellesley Recreation at the Keohane Sports Center.


Cardio for five minutes to warm up (running, elliptical, biking, etc.)

Go through this sequence three times:

1.  One minute of jumping jacks

30 second rest

2.  One minute of burpees

30 second rest

3.  One minute of high knees

30 second rest

4.  One minute of mountain climbers

30 second rest

5.  One minute of jump rope

One minute rest

Cool down for five minutes by stretching all of the major muscle groups.


Burpees:  Begin with a standing jump. Crouch down and jump out your feet behind you into a push-up position. Once you’re in position, jump your feet forwards back to crouching, jump up, repeat at speed.

High knees: Lift those knees high as you walk or run.

Mountain climbers: begin in a push-up position, then bring your knees up to your chest quickly in a kind of jogging motion. Similar to doing high knees, but you’re on your hands.

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