College renames “Wellesley 2025” renovation project “Campus Renewal”

Dean of Students Debra DeMeis announced that the official name of the upcoming campus renovation project has been changed from “Wellesley 2025” to “Campus Renewal.” A timeline for the project indicates that the College will complete all confirmed renovations by 2021 instead of 2025. More renovation projects may possibly follow in the future as well. Campus Renewal will also decrease the number of dining halls from five to three dining halls in an effort to reduce the College’s expenses paid to maintain the dining halls. The Communications and Public Affairs office is currently creating a communications forum about the projects that will be open to the entire Wellesley community.


Faculty to re-evaluate the credit assignment process

The faculty plans to re-evaluate the way the College assigns course credit to comply with the national standard created by the higher education accreditation association, New England Schools and Colleges. The College also plans to assess the academic daily schedule with the possibility of revising the schedule to add a time slot for non-academic activities. Other colleges have time periods scheduled for non-academic activities as well as multiple scheduled lunch periods during the day. The administration may look into decreasing the traffic of students, staff and faculty during Wellesley’s lunch period.

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