CG asks students to email complaints concerning sleepwalker statue

College Government (CG) President Joy Das ’14 requested that students email if they have concerns about Tony Matelli’s “Sleepwalker” statue. The message should include the student’s name, issue and a suggested solution to the identified issue. Until five percent of the student body, or 110 students, sends an email, CG must remain neutral toward the discussion. Das stated that she hopes to move the discussion off of the social media platform and towards an on-campus discussion. Das encourages any students who have immediate concerns to attend Senate next week to speak about the statue.

S’mores fund runs out of money

The campus s’mores fund has run out of money, and cannot accept any more applications from organizations to fund their s’mores events. The s’mores fund is a gift fund, meaning it has a limited amount of money compared to an endowed fund, which generates interest over time that the College uses to pay for expenses. The College will contact the alumnae who originally donated the fund to see if they would like to replenish their gift. If not, the College will determine if the fund is worth maintaining under the College expenses.

Wellesley Memories Night

Tonight at 6:30 p.m., the Wellesley College Alumni Association will host the third annual Wellesley Memories Night in Tower Great Hall. Alumni who graduated between 1950 to 2000 will speak on a panel about their individual experiences in college as well as how Wellesley College has changed or remained the same.

College forms working group to address sculpture issues

The College will establish a working group to identify and address important issues related to the installation of the “Sleepwalker” statue. The group will include members representative of diverse perspectives from the Wellesley community, including students, faculty, staff and possibly alumni. The working group will advise President Bottomly on how Wellesley can effectively address concerns and support the students who have raised those concerns in an effort to move forward.

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