Visual Art 

American Conceptualist artist Dan Graham received a commission for a rooftop installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The artist creates sculptures primarily of two-way glass and steel. Sheena Wagstaff, who leads the Met’s Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, stated that Graham was chosen because “he is a New Yorker” who is “still undervalued although he has worked across the world.”

A modern art installation is set to be erected in New York City’s Bryant Park from March 8 to 18. Unlike other parks in the city, Bryant Park rarely features art installations. “Analogia,” two 60 foot high pillars with ziggurats, covered in statues of non-Western deities, will cost an estimated $500,000, none of which has been donated by the park’s organizers. Half of the money has been raised from private sources, and organizers aim to raise the other half from Kickstarter.

“Golden Visions of Densatil: A Tibetan Buddhist Monastery” is now on view at the Asia Society in New York City. Although the Densatil Monastery, which was located high in the mountains of central Tibet, was destroyed in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, some of its art survived, hidden away by devotees. The Asia Society has assembled 50 of the original sculptures into an exhibition designed to evoke the dual notions of the original, untouched monastery, and a monastery trying to reconstitute itself after complete physical and cultural upheaval.


Jimmy Fallon delivered a strong performance in the first week of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” His guests so far have included Will Smith, Jerry Seinfeld, Michelle Obama, U2 and Arcade Fire. A highlight of the week was Justin Timberlake’s appearance with his longtime friend Fallon for a performance of “History of Rap 5.” So far, the show’s ratings and viewer numbers have been at record highs.

Actress Jennifer Lopez will star in a new NBC detective drama “Shades of Blue.” Lopez will play a single mother and detective working for the FBI. The show will debut in fall 2015 and will be produced by Lopez and Ryan Seacrest.


The $12 million Broadway revival of “Annie” closed last month because it was a commercial failure. The previously scheduled tour has also been cancelled.

Video Games

Thief, the first addition to the award-winning series in ten years, has received mixed reviews. The Thief series was a defining addition to the stealth video game genre, and the latest installation was released on Tuesday, Feb. 25 in North America.

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