SOAC committees present open positions at Senate

The Student Organizations and Appointments Committee (SOAC) presented positions available next year on various college administrative committees. Committees include Americans with Disabilities Act, Committee on Lectures and Cultural Events, Committee on Faculty Appointments, Committee on Educational Research & Development, Academic Review Board committee, the Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy, the Pinanski Teaching Prize committee, Tanner Conference committee, Admissions and Financial Aid, Admissions and the Budgetary Advisory Committee. Several committees, including CLCE and Admissions, require a two-year tenure to apply. Admissions differs from Admissions and Financial Aid in that students on Admissions get to review prospective student applications while the other committee looks at admissions and financial aid policies.

Dean DeMeis announces video responses to Town Hall questions

Dean of Students Debra DeMeis announced that the College administration will answer questions submitted to the Town Hall question forum online with video responses. The administration will post these video blogs on the College website. Members of the campus community may submit questions anonymously.

CG urges students affected by the “Sleepwalker” to seek available resources

While general discussion of Tony Matelli’s sleepwalker has died down on campus, resources students have to help address any negative experiences they have with the statue were discussed. Several House Council senators reported that resident Mental Health Educator have communicated with their residence halls. Dean DeMeis mentioned that while students often seek out their class deans, students may also speak with their professors. Besides the Stone Counseling Center, Active Minds and Sexual Assault Awareness for Everyone, there are also national help hotlines students may call.

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