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Jennifer Migliore ’14 has had a strong start to her senior season with the softball team. Most recently, she hit a grand slam to help Wellesley sweep Clark in a New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference (NEWMAC) doubleheader on Saturday, March 29. Migliore boasts a .321 batting average and leads the team in RBIs, with nine over 10 games as of March 30. 

Migliore is used to being on the softball field for up to seven hours when the team has games. “When you’re playing, you don’t really notice it, she said. “You’re in the heat of the moment, running on adrenaline.”

After returning from the softball team’s spring break training trip in Florida, Migliore sat down with the Wellesley News to discuss her goals for the season and her reflections on four years with the Blue. Excerpts of the conversation follow.


Emily Bary (E.B.): How long have you been playing softball?

Jennifer Migliore (J.M.): I think I’ve been playing softball since I was eight years old.


E.B.: Why’d you start playing softball?

J.M.: My dad made me, and I really enjoyed being on a team and playing sports.


E.B.: Have you always been a pitcher?

J.M.: I play third base for Wellesley, and I’m also the designated hitter. I am the third pitcher on the team this year, which means I probably won’t see much playing time. We’re in a very unique situation this year where we only have two pitchers, so I pitched a little bit in the fall and at practice to help the team out. I pitched in high school, but I don’t think I was good enough at the collegiate level to pitch.


E.B.: Why’d you decide to play for Wellesley?

J.M.: I knew I wanted to go to a Division III school in the New England area and I knew I wanted to go to a school that had great academics. Coach Keri O’Meara was just a really great salesperson. She really made me want to come to Wellesley.


E.B.: What’s been your best moment on the team so far?

J.M.: Hitting the grand slam that I hit against Clark on Saturday. That was a really good moment. Other than that, just hanging out with my teammates. Every Florida trip is the best part of the season. I love hanging out with my friends. We’re really a little family.


E.B.: Is it hard playing doubleheaders?

J.M.: We play 10 games this week alone. It’s definitely difficult, but you just get used to it.


E.B.: Softball is one of the most spirited teams at Wellesley. Can you talk about that?

J.M.: We’re a very tight-knit group. A huge part of our sport is just cheering on your players because there’s only one person up to bat, so the only thing you can do is just yell. We definitely love to cheer. It’s my favorite part of the game. After Florida, I didn’t have a voice.


E.B.: What’s it like being in your last year on the team?

J.M.: It’s definitely bittersweet. I just really want to enjoy my last season and make the most out of it. I’m going to miss being an athlete and being on a team, but I think it’s been a good career.


E.B.: Are you going to stay involved with softball after college?

J.M.: In office beer leagues maybe, but I don’t foresee a softball future ahead of me. Maybe some cross-fit. I really like cross-fit so I thought about doing that after and being a cross-fit trainer.


E.B.: What are your goals for the rest of the season?

J.M.: Team goals: To just play well as a college softball team. We want to win as many NEWMAC games as possible to ensure that we have a spot in the NEWMAC tournament. I think that’s just our main goal right now: winning NEWMAC games and playing to our potential. We had a couple games in Florida where we didn’t play to our potential. Personally, I just want to make the most of my senior year and go out there and give it my all and have no regrets at the end of the year. I want to leave this team with a really positive attitude and be happy with my performance.


Wellesley boasts a season mark of 6-6 as of April 1. Migliore and the Blue next suit up today, April 2, to take on Brandeis in a doubleheader.


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