CG Cabinet candidates campaign for student votes this week

The College Government (CG) elections week began Monday morning and will continue until Friday evening. The positions up for election are College Government President, College Government Vice President, Director of on Campus Affairs, Chair of Political and Legislative Action, Student Bursar, Multicultural Affairs Coordinator and Chair of Communications and CG Finances. Candidates may campaign during election week and were not permitted to begin campaigning prior to Monday. There are strict rules for campaigning. The budget limit cannot exceed $53.20, candidates and their campaign members cannot chalk on covered or vertical surfaces, and any campaign team cannot exceed 20 members. The Multicultural Presidents’ Council debate will occur today in Slater International Center at 5:30 p.m., the CG debate is Saturday at 11 a.m. in the Wang Campus Center, and the House Presidents’ Council debate is to follow next Monday at 8 p.m.


Wellesley celebrates Latin@ Month

Wellesley will celebrate Latin@ month this April with a series of events and performances. The events this month were organized by the Latin@ Month Planning Committee in conjunction with the Advisor to Students of Latina Descent, Mared Alicea-Westort. Latin@ month is co-sponsored by Mezcla, Famillia, the Latina Advisor’s Office, the Asian Advisor’s Office, Cielito Lindo, the Office of Intercultural Education, Partnerships for Diversity and Inclusion, the women and gender studies department, the Spanish department, Hillel, Alianza and LGBTQ Programs and Services. Rick Najera, a successful actor, writer, director and producer, will serve as the keynote speaker for the month. Najera will deliver a speech entitled “Cultural Pride: The Latinos You Don’t See” next Tuesday. Already, MEZCLA has launched a photo campaign depicting portraits of Latin@ students at Wellesley overlayed with quotations and meaningful words. Unlike other photo campaigns, the Latin@ Month campaign uses high-definition photos of the students alongside the quotes. Additionally, the 12th Annual Latin@ Cultural Show is this Saturday in Jewett Auditorium at 7 p.m. The Latin@ Cultural Show is a celebration of students’ talents and heritage. There will be an after party in Punch’s Alley at 10 p.m.

Project Unbreakable will come to campus tomorrow

Project Unbreakable will come to campus tomorrow at 7 p.m. to hold an event in Collins Cinema. Grace Brown founded Project Unbreakable as a campaign that uses art to promote sexual assault awareness and empower survivors of sexual assault on Tumblr in 2011. Brown was a first year and photographer at the School of Visual Arts in New York City at the time. She began the project after hearing numerous stories of sexual assault from her peers. Brown and Executive Director of the Project Unbreakable Kaely Siversky will speak with Wellesley students about the origins of the project, how students can support survivors and help prevent sexual assault from happening. The event was organized by Sexual Assault Awareness for Everyone (SAAFE), funded by the Wilson Fund and the women and gender studies department and supported by the Sexual Health Educators, Balance Health Educators, Mental Health Educators as well as Active Minds. Representatives from the Stone Counseling Center will be available for support at the time of the event.


Three Wellesley students attended the Conservative Politcal Action Conference

Three students from Wellesley, Anna Page ’17, Lizamaria Arias ’17, and Alexis Zhang ’17, attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in  Washington D.C. last month. Page, Arias and Zhang participated in the conference to conduct research as fellows in The Freedom Project, a Wellesley institution that allows students to learn about classical liberal ideas and their relevance to the world today.  These students surveyed attendees of the conference in order to learn more about what the younger generation thinks about political conservative parties and to determine how the media influences the perception of conservative parties. The survey asked questions such as “How do you think the Republican party appeals to women?” and “How would you reform the Republican Party?” Page also spoke with a reporter from the New York Times about her interest in attending the CPAC while she tried to garner participants for their survey. Overall, the three students enjoyed attending the conference. Page, Zhang and Arias will present their findings along with the rest of the fellows in the Freedom Project at the annual Ruhlman Conference that will take place on April 30.

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