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Wellesley requires four credits of physical education to graduate, but in addition to this bare minimum, how else do students stay fit? Prior to renovation, the Keohane Sports Center (KSC) housed most of the campus cardio bikes, treadmills and spinning bikes. Now during construction, spinning bikes are located on the lower level of the KSC while cardio bikes and treadmills are in Cazenove Hall. With the drastic changes to the campus sports center, we asked four first-years who live in dorms across campus about their workout routines. Grace Wagner ’17 lives in Dower House, Anna Ha ’17 lives in Tower Hall, Jessie Lu ’17 lives in Pomeroy Hall, and Amanda Foun ’17 lives in Bates Hall.  

Anne Liu (A.L.): How often do you work out?

Grace Wagner (G.W.): I try to work out as often as I can; at least a few days a week.

Anna Ha (A.H.): I used to do three times a week, but college has made me a busy girl!

Jesse Lu (J.L.): Once a week, but that’s actually being generous. I work out maybe once every other week.

Amanda Foun (A.F.): Each week, I spend two hours in my Zumba class. Outside of my Zumba class, I usually work out an additional one to two hours.

A.L.: Do you work out at the KSC?

G.W.: No, unfortunately it is way too far away to walk from Dower.

A.H.: No, usually I usually work out in the Tower TV room or in Claflin

J.L.: No, I just never have the time, but I would love to.

A.F.: No. It’s really inconvenient for students on east side to work out in the KSC since it is on the complete opposite side of campus. However, we do have a workout room in each of the dorms, which is a better and closer alternative to going to the KSC.

A.L.: What is your typical workout routine?

G.W.: I love cardio machines. I typically try to run three to four miles on the treadmills when I’m not taking my dance basics class.

A.H.: I love pilates and then to go for a run.

J.L.: I like to run. I run. A lot.

A.F.: I usually find videos on YouTube, or look up different workout routines online. Most of them involve some kind of cardio, like doing burpees, dancing or running and many Pilates moves. At the end, I always do a few stretches. These workouts usually last 30 to 60 minutes.

A.L.: Why do you work out? Is it physically or mentally rewarding?

G.W.: I work out to be more fit, to lose my freshman 10 and because it relieves stress.

A.H.: Both. At the end of the day, it just makes me feel good.

J.L.: I work out because I feel lazy when I don’t workout. It’s a nice mental break from academics, and it’s definitely also physically rewarding because it burns off steam and lets my body relax a bit for a good night of sleep.

A.F.: I usually work out to try to stay active, fit and healthy. The food that we get in the dining halls isn’t always the healthiest, and with so many options, it’s really easy to eat a lot more than we’re used to. I think it’s especially important to work out more to compensate for the excess amounts of unhealthy foods that we get here. Working out also makes me feel better mentally. It wakes me up and makes it easier for me to focus in class. Also, working out, especially going on runs, is such a great stress reliever. It really helps to clear my head.

A.L.: What would encourage you to work out more?

G.W.: I’d love to have a TV to watch while I work out, so that it will take my mind off how tired running can make me.

A.H.: I’m not sure. Maybe knowing more about different kinds of physical activities to keep things fun would encourage me to do more fitness.

J.L.: If I had more time, and if it was nice out more often, I would definitely be outside running more.

A.F.: I love going on runs, but during the winter and sometimes the fall, it’s usually too cold. Warmer weather would definitely encourage me to work out more. Also, as I mentioned earlier, it’s really inconvenient for east side residents to have to walk all the way over to the KSC. Even though we do have workout rooms in each of the dorms, they’re not of the best quality. In terms of equipment and workout machines, we don’t have a lot of options, and a lot of the equipment is getting old and not working as well as it used to. I hope that in the future, the College will provide better workout equipment in the dorms.

A.L.: Do you feel like you have to work out sometimes? If so, why? Do you feel like you have to work out for physical fitness or physical appearance?

G.W.: I work out for both reasons. I like to look good and to feel good as well.

A.H.: Sometimes. For both reasons. When I used to work out more consistently, I had more energy and was more productive with the rest of my day.

J.L.: I feel like I have to work out because I’m not treating my body well if I’m not working out. I guess I do it for physical fitness, but I’m not exactly physically fit.

A.F.: There’s definitely pressure to be healthy and to look good. No one really wants to gain the infamous freshman 15. Even though sometimes I have to force myself to work out, I don’t see this as a bad thing. I think it’s important for everyone to incorporate fitness into their lives whether they want to or not. In both the short and long run, working out is supposed to be really beneficial since it makes you feel better, look healthier and live longer.

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