Cabinet to reform Senate policies for next year

Newly elected college government president Hana Glasser ’15 announced in senate this Monday that senators will be required to dedicate more of their time to their positions next year. According to Glasser, Senate is a “incubator of ideas” at its best, but at its worst, can become a “box to check off” on a to-do list. To foster more collaboration between senators, Glasser and the rest of the Cabinet are in the process of planning a “roundtable” discussion session for early next semester. The goal of the event is to develop plans for three or four projects. In addition, Glasser plans to bring back Senate review, which allows senators to give Cabinet members performance reviews, as well as Senate awards. Glasser also said that Cabinet will be stricter about attendance and action items in the following year. Senators are required to complete a set amount of action items and are only permitted two absences a year. The exact requirements will not change, but Cabinet plans to more actively keep track of absences and inform organizations when their senators are absent.

Administration to interview candidates for associate dean of students, dean of religious and spiritual life and intercultural education

Previous Associate Dean of Students Michelle Lepore and Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life and Intercultural Education Victor Kazanjian both resigned in fall 2013. As of now, neither of the positions have been filled. To fill their roles, several members of the staff and administration took on interim staffing assignments this year. The administration has been searching for replacements since the fall in order to find replacements to begin in August 2014. This May, the administration will interview candidates for both positions. Several student sessions will be held so students can influence the hiring decision, since chosen candidates will work closely with students.

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