Senate Report

Senate Report

Dean Horton announces upcoming events

As the semester progresses, students are visibly more stressed, as their workload in classes is increasing. In light of that Dean Horton announced a few initiatives, which seek to alleviate this pressure on students. Students can stop by the office of Dean of Student Life to discuss any hardships they are facing. The Counseling Center will be organizing “Paws for Wellness,” featuring therapeutic dogs, on October 18, 2018 in Pendleton East. In addition to that the office will hold Fresh Checks to help college students make their lives healthier and balanced.


The Office of Registrar announces changes in Workday

Associate Provost Ravi Ravishanker announced that the College is organizing a gradual overhaul of Banner. Instead, Workday will be the primary outlet for students to schedule classes, look at grades, and plan their academic year. Assoc. Provost Ravishanker explained that so far the college’s financial matters have been transported on to workday. By the spring of 2019, with the acceptance of the Class of 2023, the College plans to make Workday fully functional for the incoming first-years, relieving Banner of all its responsibilities.


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