Statements of Intent for CGVP

Sarah Sanson Hernandez

Hello Wellesley! My name is Sarah ’21 (she/her/hers), and I am running for College Government Vice President (CGVP). Over the last three years, I have had the pleasure to serve as a senator for Mezcla, CAN member, Secretary-Treasurer and as the current Organizations Chair. I hope to bring these experiences to a new role: CGVP. Wellesley is very unique in having students be a part of administrative committees that make tough decisions about Wellesley’s future alongside faculty and staff. On top of that, those students that represent us are selected by other students aka members of the Appointed Representatives Committee (ARC). But sadly, many students don’t know what committees exist, their purpose and who serves in them. For groups who are making such important decisions like how the College will spend its budget, what our curriculum will look like and Wellesley’s role in combating climate change, it’s important for students to know who they are and what they are doing. 

To combat this, I hope to work with ARC to have events with student reps where they can talk directly to students about their work, have an updated record of committees and members available in both the CG website and the ARC WEngage page and working alongside these committees to be as transparent as possible to the community. On top of this, we need more students to apply to these committees, especially students who are often not represented well in these important discussions about Wellesley. That’s why I hope to work directly with student groups in order to get students from all different backgrounds and perspectives to gain interest in the committees’ work and apply. I would also like to support student reps by having regular communication and provide training/resources when needed. Wellesley is going through a transition, and students need answers about the college’s future. If you vote for me, I will fight to give y’all those answers. Voting will take place via WEngage on March 12. Email questions to I will be having Office Hours in the Lulu Resource Room on March 7th from 1-3pm. If you have any questions about my candidacy, please email me at Thank you and vote for me on March 12. 

Savannah Roth

My name is Savannah Roth, and I am running for College Government Vice President. I have been a part of College Government for the past two years. This year I returned to College Government as an Executive Senator and am on the Appointed Representatives Committee in its inaugural year. Additionally, I have also had the honor of being elected by the Senate body to be one of the Senate representatives on Academic Council for the last two years. Additionally, this year I am a Residential Assistant in Munger Hall and the Vice President of the Wellesley Club Water Polo Team. 

One of the main roles of the CGVP is chairing the Appointed Representatives Committee (ARC). As ARC finishes up its first year, I believe its newness grants the Vice President a unique ability to shape the role of an appointed representative and elevate student voices further in their positions. Student representatives are vital in how this campus operates as a whole. They are the critical links between the places where administrative decisions are made and the voice of the student body. 

One of my primary goals as CGVP is to better educate both the general student body and the appointed student representatives. The student body will be better informed on the plethora of committees contained within the college. They will have answers to frequently asked questions about each committee on topics of interest. The second half is about building a program to better serve the student representatives. This can be as surface-level as creating a guidebook for how to be an appointed representative, but I hope to push student representatives to do more than passively attend the mandatory meeting; I envision partnering with the Community Organizing Resource Collective (CORC) to train representatives in community organizing and inclusion, among other programming. I want appointed representatives to be active participants in the community, and I feel empowered through their training. 

As CGVP, I hope to improve the system of student input and information output. I will firstly standardize a process through which the student body can reach ARC and the appointed representatives, and secondly by creating a quarterly dispatch from student representatives that gets sent to the student body. This will give appointed representatives a chance to share news and information about their committee, as they are able, to the Wellesley community. 

Representatives are important liaisons between administration and the general student body, and I hope to improve communication and understanding for all. 

Thank you for considering my candidacy for College Government Vice President. I am greatly inspired by all of the people I know here at Wellesley, and I want to be in a position to create a positive change for those who will come after me. 

(Voting will take place via WEngage on March 12. For more information, visit​ or email any questions to 

Nina Zhang

My name is Weijia “Nina” Zhang (she/her/hers). I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the position of College Government Vice President (CGVP). I’m an economics major, from Class of 2021. 

Times flies to be in my third year at Wellesley. I felt lucky to be the “admissions mistake,” and now I love this place even more. I imagine my life at Wellesley with another major or another set of choices. Looking at my peers, I think it’d still be satisfying. One thing I love about Wellesley students in particular is the persistence in asking “what it means to be” (a Wellesley student, an American and so on), and also in figuring out “how” to create these values with our capabilities. 

It is my honor to run for this position. This is partly what it means to be for me: there is no better way to show my gratitude than to take up this position with my full willingness and promised devotion, and embracing this responsibility of leading and promoting an inclusive and transparent CG, “vibrant campus conversations,” and our responsibility in sustainability, which I think are crucial to our campus today. 

These are on my agenda: 

First, I will continue and enhance many meaningful works from previous year CGVP, creating a welcoming and transparent CG, which includes record keeping past work of ARC decision making, making sure students’ appointments are available, enhancing strong relationship with the administration with frequent communication. 

Second, I will devote myself to supporting the cabinet’s agenda. 

Third, I will work closely with the task force and EnAct Wellesley. I will support their 2020 agenda and facilitate their work in promoting campus conversations and a sustainable path for Wellesley. I will facilitate frequent communications and enable cooperation between CG cabinet, student body and the groups that lead our campus such as EnAct and task force. 

I am a reliable and responsible person who is very hard working. You may trust me with your tasks, because I have a reputation in owning them with a wonderful attitude. Besides hearing this from my internship supervisors, or Y2Y Harvard shelter staff after my 36-hour shift, you may ask any group I was in or when I was the treasurer at Shakes. Once I commit myself to this position of leadership, I will devote myself to what I promised and won’t let you down. 

My name is Weijia “Nina” Zhang, and I’m running for the College Government Vice President. Thank you for your trust, I won’t let you down and good luck to other candidates. 

If you have any questions, please email me at Voting will take place via WEngage on March 12. For more information, check out or email any questions to 

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