Statement of Intent for College Government President

Dear Wellesley, 

The first time I walked into the Academic Council Room on the fourth floor of Green, I was barely one month into my time as a Wellesley student and newly elected as one of Pomeroy’s senators. I immediately felt the grandeur of the space: the massive table at the room’s center, the podium at its front and the hundreds of seats around its perimeter. I remember looking towards the front left side of the room where the 2017-2018 cabinet took their reserved seats, and where every cabinet since has taken the same seats, in almost the same order. The portable chalkboard at the front displayed the agenda for the first Senate meeting of that academic year — my first Senate ever, and the Senate that sparked my interest to run for College Government President today, almost three years later. 

Ultimately, I don’t want my term as College Government President to be about me, or about the number of buzz words I can mention in this statement of intent, or a list of action items that I come up with before having the privilege of stepping into the position. Instead: 

I commit to listening with the intention of understanding your perspective, always open to your positions and beliefs. 

I commit to engaging in difficult conversations and asking uncomfortable questions, always in search of the truth. 

I commit to remaining accessible and approachable, always willing to talk with you. 

I commit to making the Senate experience a more enjoyable one, always bringing joy and a sense of welcoming into the space. 

I commit to responding to things as they happen, always meeting our current needs and adapting to the changing priorities of the student body.

I commit to representing you to our administration as best I can, always with the cognizance that a unified student voice is not inherent. 

The work that we do, the work of improving our communities, of building coalitions, and discovering our power, is never done alone. In the Senate room, this means that every footstep in that room sounds like the footsteps of 145 years worth of changemakers. 

I started my Wellesley experience as Pomeroy’s senator and a member of the Senate Policy and Ethics Committee. I felt drawn to return to College Government in my second year, running for Senate again and being elected as Ethos Executive Senator. My third year has proven my dedication to the fair and inclusive demands of our student body, as I serve as Ethos President and a representative of the community organizing work done last semester by the coalition of Wellesley students, faculty, staff and administration. The thread running through making Wellesley a place for us all.

As we begin elections season, my hope and great aspiration is that you all will elect me to take that turn. Let’s continue to make our community into one that we will be proud of, and let’s do it together, as one.


Tatiana Ivy Moise 

Class of 2021 

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