Statement of Intent for College Government President

Headshot of the candidate. Photo Courtesy of Naomi Weisner.

Hey Wellesley Community! 

I’m Naomi Weisner (she/her), a member of the Class of 2025, and I’m ecstatic to announce my candidacy for College Government President! As a passionate advocate for diverse voices and a dedicated community member, I’m committed to fostering a campus environment that prioritizes inclusivity, collaboration, transparency, and community. 

Throughout my time at Wellesley, I have served as a Senator for several years, a member of ARC (Appointed Representative Committee), and a two-time Treasurer for Student Orgs, and Vice President for the Class of 2025 Class Council. These experiences have strengthened my understanding of CG’s position within the larger College community, its potential, and ways for it to grow stronger while representing the collective interests of our student body. If elected, my primary goal will be to serve as a tireless advocate for each and every one of you, while hoping to accomplish the following specific goals: 

1. Raising Marginalized Voices: As an underrepresented minority, I understand what it feels like not to be seen in leadership positions and not to have your voice heard. As your CGP, I will make sure to bring diverse voices and perspectives into discussions, as it is imperative that every student feels empowered to participate fully at Wellesley. To this end, I will establish regular forums and bring back the CGP’s Council, where all students can discuss issues pertinent to marginalized groups. Likewise, I will advocate for implementing DEI training through implicit bias and Title IX training, fostering a more inclusive campus culture. 

2. Outreach and Transparency: My tenure at CG illustrated to me the divide between CG and the general student body. As CGP, I aim to increase student outreach and transparency by finding more mediums to update the student body on relevant issues and recent Senate Minutes, such as live streaming the Senate on WZLY. College Government is not just for Senators but for all students. I will ensure that students have a voice in the administration and that they are held accountable. 

3. Equity and Accessibility: Equity and accessibility are the foundational principles that create inclusion. I am dedicated to ensuring that every student has equitable access to resources and opportunities. To achieve this, I will implement initiatives to address these barriers to access and promote inclusivity. This includes advocating for the expansion of equitable access to textbooks and punch passes and increasing the availability of mental health resources. 

Throughout the election process, I look forward to engaging with all of you, listening to your concerns, and working towards creating a lasting impact on Wellesley together. Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me at Voting will take place via WEngage on March 5th. For more information, check out or email any questions to 


Naomi Weisner

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