Statement of Intent for College Government Vice President

Headshot of the candidate. Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Precourt.

Hi Wellesley! 

My name is Charlotte Precourt (she/her), and I’m a sophomore majoring in Political Science. I am extremely excited to run for Vice President next year, and be able to serve as a student liaison from the student body to the board of trustees! As the Vice President, I would run the Appointed Representatives Committee (ARC), ensure that students have a voice on campus, and have the ability to communicate with administration. As Vice President, I would be appointing students to different committees, and ensuring that students had voice throughout. Ensuring students were on every committee, and able to freely speak within them would be top priority. 

I have spent the last year as the Senate Policy and Ethics Chair, and I currently work to ensure CG remains ethical and that the Constitution is upheld. Additionally, I work with the Cabinet to ensure everything we do is in the best interest of the student body—from managing open positions in Cabinet to ensuring a fair elections process. I hope to be able to take these skills from this year, as well as my first year as a Senator, to the Vice Presidency. 

If elected, I will work to ensure students have a strong voice and presence when decisions are being made. Facilitating communication between the student body, College Government, and Administration will be my top priority, and I am dedicated to creating an environment where speaking up is encouraged and rewarded. If increasing campus conversation and elevating student opinion is important to you, please vote for me to be your next Vice President! Voting will take place via WEngage on March 5th. For more information, check out or email any questions to

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