The Wellesley News is proud to provide vital on campus news, feature articles, and general information to the Wellesley community. Wellesley’s current enrollment is around 2,400 students with 600 new freshman students interested in services and goods around Wellesley College. The circulation of The Wellesley News is 450 issues every two weeks, the highest readership of any on-campus publication.

Advertising Options

The Wellesley News offers print and online advertising. Please contact us for pricing and further details. 

Print Advertisement

The Wellesley News is a five-column, student run printed weekly newspaper. Depth of each column is 16 inches. Width is one and seven-eighth inches. Rates are calculated on a five-column scale.

Creative Specs

  • Your ad must be in JPEG or PDF format, and must be in grayscale.
  • There should be no white space around the ad graphic.
  • Dimensions must be specified in inches or % of page format (i.e. 3”x 5” or 1/2 page).
  • All ad graphics must be complete. The Wellesley News is not responsible for designing your ad, adding text to your ad, or scanning your ad, etc.

We do not accept physical copies of ads- your ad must be sent via email to The Wellesley News by the Monday of the desired week by 5 PM.

Print Advertisement Rates

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Special Rate Pricing

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All special rates are based on original pricing. No special rate price may be layered on top of each other. Package and frequency may only be purchased separately.
*Based on ad placement for the entire semester.

Digital Advertising Package

The Wellesley News website includes all print articles and multimedia content.

The Digital Advertising Package includes the digital publication of the ad as sponsored content on our website in the Features section, one grid post of the ad on our official Instagram account, and one story post of the ad on our official Instagram account.

If your organization would like to be one of the initial testers of online advertising on our website at a special introductory rate, please contact us at with “Digital Advertising Package – Introductory Deal” as the subject line.

Terms of Payment

Terms of payment are net 30 days. The Wellesley News accepts cash or checks only. A $25 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Advertisers whose accounts are unpaid after 30 days will be charged a late fee of 1% per month on a compound basis until payment is received and balances are current. At 90 days, all advertising with The Wellesley News will be put on hold until the account is brought current. Failure to pay within 120 days will result in the account being turned over to collections.

General Policies

The Wellesley News reserves the right to reject any advertisement. Advertisements that discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, creed, color, disability, sexual orientation or gender will not be accepted.

Advertisements that The Wellesley News deems false or misleading will be rejected. Advertisements for products, services or promotions that are illegal in the state of Massachusetts will be rejected.

The advertiser and/or advertising agency assumes liability for all content (including text and illustrations) of advertisements printed in The Wellesley News and also assumes any claims made against The Wellesley News.

The Wellesley News is not responsible for errors in advertising copy accepted after deadlines or when proof has been approved by the advertiser. Placement is never guaranteed unless it is specifically mentioned on insertion orders at an extra charge.

Advertising and editorial copy are independent of one another.

The Wellesley News assumes no liability for failure to publish an advertisement or for the financial loss of business due to that failure. Rates are subject to change.