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If you’re interested in joining any section of The News, please fill out this form for our complete application. Read more about each section below. 

Established in 1901, The Wellesley News is the only student-run campus newspaper reporting on Wellesley College. The News is published weekly on Wednesdays during the academic year.

All Wellesley students are welcome to join The News. No prior journalism experience is required — our editors will teach all new staff members everything they need to know.

There are five sections of our print and online newspaper: News, features, opinions, arts, and sports and wellness. We also have several sections behind the scenes including copy editing, photography, layout and design, website development, social media, business, and graphics. You can read more about each section below. 

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The News section is your go-to place for hard news about new Wellesley policies, critical events, administrative changes and investigative stories. Our staff writers cover policy changes that affect Wellesley’s entire campus. News reporters cover everything ranging from the student-led campaigns to divest, corruption in the dining halls, to coverage on how Wellesley managed the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Features section covers topics relating to student life on campus. From columns on sex and relationships to alumnae spotlights, Features writers have opportunities to report on interesting and creative topics while incorporating student perspectives. Features reporters have covered topics ranging from the process of organizing the TEDx Wellesley talks, the 3D printing club at Wellesley, to a Bernie Sanders rally in Boston. 


Opinion writers write weekly or bi-weekly columns expressing their views on issues important to them and the Wellesley community. Past topics have included Planned Parenthood, the student debt crisis and Wellesley’s RA/HP compensation. The Opinions section is the perfect place for writers looking to improve their ability to craft argumentative pieces for a large audience.

Arts and Culture

From Boston Calling to new art exhibitions in the Museum of Fine Arts, the Arts and Culture section is The News’ hub of arts and entertainment-related content. We write on topics such as movie reviews, fashion shows, on-campus art lectures, art exhibitions and concert reviews. Previous topics have also included a lecture given by Games of Thrones’ David J. Peterson, the mastermind behind creating the Dothraki and Valyrian language, Grammy-winning composer Rebecca Mauleón’s concert at Wellesley and Trevor Noah’s debut on “The Daily Show.” Art reporters often have the chance to interview famous artists and cover Boston and Wellesley art events for free!

Sports and Wellness

The Sports and Wellness section is for writers with an interest in covering all things related to sports and wellness. Sports reporters cover all 19 Wellesley varsity sports teams, and/or Boston sport events, in addition to important topics about wellness at Wellesley. Sports and Wellness reporters have the opportunity to interview Wellesley sports players for Athlete of the Week, as well as Wellesley’s sport coaches. Past topics have ranged from the Quinoa diet, to student-led fitness classes and the benefits of napping.


The Copy section edits every article in the paper for factual accuracy, AP style, stylistic consistency and grammar. The Copy section is perfect for those interested in the field of publishing, or enjoy diligently editing articles. An added perk is that copy editors read all articles for the week before their publication.


The photo section captures on-campus and Boston events such as sport games, lectures and student-life at Wellesley. Photographers work closely with editors and writers from other sections to find the perfect picture for their written or multimedia pieces. Photographers often get to attend events for free, such as Boston Calling.

Layout and Design

The design section is responsible for the layout and design of the print edition of The News, and for designing infographics for the paper and website. Editors will learn how to use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Website management

Members of the digital team can work on the site’s page design, upload articles, create interactive graphics and multimedia pieces, write tweets and publish Facebook posts, analyze readership statistics, as well as other tasks relating to The New’s online presence. Online columnists have the flexibility of writing on a variety of topics, ranging from Middle Eastern affairs to economics. The digital team is the perfect place for you to join if you want to learn more about how to use WordPress, or improve your social media skills.

Business and Advertising 

The business and advertising team coordinates with local businesses and interested parties to generate revenue for the News with paper and web advertisements. Additionally, the business section works alongside the editors-in-chief to manage The News’s finances and spending. 

Social media

The News’s social media accounts are one of the main ways The News is able to promote articles online. From creating TikToks to brainstorming Tweet ideas, the goal of the social media team is to grow the following and readership of The News. 

Our social media accounts can be found at the following links: