Editorial Board

Toshali Goel
Head Managing Editor
Toshali is a senior from the Bay Area majoring in Computer Science and English. She loves reading, painting, eating burritos, and watching Bollywood movies in her free time.
Andreea Sabau
Print Managing Editor
Andreea is a senior from Chicago, IL studying Political Science and Environmental Studies. She loves working out, reading political theory, and playing Animal Crossing.
Maryam Ahmad
Digital Managing Editor
Maryam is a junior and political science major from Albany, New York. She enjoys listening to all kinds of music, reading fantasy novels, and having intense discussions about Marvel movies, politics, and pop culture.
Renée Remsberg
Senior News Editor
Renée is a senior from the Bay Area majoring in Sociology and Economics. When she is not writing articles or training writers, you can find her making coffee with her french press, reading a book, or playing her guitar.
Ann Zhao
Senior News Editor
Ann is a junior majoring in cognitive and linguistic sciences. She may be a news editor, but you probably know her best for her book review column or running the news’ TikTok account. Her debut novel, Dear Wendy (in which The Wellesley News is mentioned a couple of times), comes out in 2024.
Emilie Zhang
Senior News Editor
Emilie is a junior from Montreal, Canada planning to major in English and Media Arts & Sciences. Apart from Wellesley orgs like Poetry Out Loud and Wushu, she loves reading, writing, and failing to catch up on anime.
Irene Kim
Junior News Editor
Irene is a sophomore from Seoul, South Korea, planning to major in International Relations and Economics. She enjoys journalism, playing her violin in the orchestra, learning Spanish and different cultures, and traveling.
Sazma Sarwar
Junior News Editor
Sazma is a sophomore from Arizona planning to major in Economics and Computer Science. She enjoys working out, watching Netflix, and trying out new restaurants with friends.
Micol Zhai
Senior Opinions Editor
Micol is a junior from the San Francisco Bay Area majoring in English Literature and Environmental Studies. She enjoys reading, making chai, and asking her parents to send more pictures of her dog.
Lidewij Florusbosch
Junior Opinions Editor
Lidewij is a junior majoring in Science, Technology and Society from Ann Arbor, Michigan. They enjoy reading, playing their flute in CMS and listening to musical soundtracks.
Iris Francesca Martinez
Senior Features Editor
Iris is a junior from North Texas studying biochemistry and data science. They enjoy writing, plants, reading, and making/listening to oddly specific Spotify playlists.
Maimoonah Shafqat
Senior Features Editor
Maimoonah is a junior from New Jersey majoring in economics. She loves reading YA novels, complaining on Twitter, and passionately defending New Jersey
Diya Khanna
Junior Features Editor
Diya is a sophomore and a prospective economics / political science major from Delhi, India. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to all kinds of music (particularly pop from the '80's), eating ramen, and learning Spanish from telenovelas.
India Lacey
Junior Features Editor
India is a sophomore from Minnesota/New York studying International Relations. She enjoys traveling, adding books to her TBR pile, and advocating for her definitive ranking of fruit juices.
Jillian Peprah-Frimpong
Junior Features Editor
Jillian is a junior from the Bronx, NYC majoring in Political Science and Computer Science. She enjoys listening to music, visiting museums and taking long naps.
Courtney Culver
Junior Features Editor
Courtney Culver is a senior majoring in English and Peace and Justice Studies. She loves reading, writing, hiking, and passionately discussing her favorite movies.
Emily Levine
Arts Editor
Emily is a junior studying German and Art History. She is from Long Island, NY. In her free time (which she longs for) she can be found snapping some film photos, watching an indie-something, or playing with her lovely dog.
Deyra Aguilar
Junior Arts Editor
Deyra is a junior majoring in American Studies. Her interests include watching movies, video essays on Youtube and anything formula 1 related.
Ria Goveas
Junior Arts Editor
Ria is a sophomore from Bangalore, India. Besides writing for the Wellesley News, she is on the varsity track and field team, WZLY 91.5 FM and the Slater International Student Organization. You can usually find her baking in the Munger kitchen or reading a book in the common room.
Liz Sugg
Sports and Wellness Editor
Liz is a senior majoring in Neuroscience. She enjoys listening to music, cooking delicious food, and playing for the Wellesley lacrosse team.
Julee Sharma
Junior Sports and Wellness Editor
Julee is a sophomore and a perspective political science major from Orlando, Florida. Julee likes to listen to music and play the drums, and also plays lacrosse at Wellesley.
Cheryl Wang
Wellesley Snooze Editor
Cheryl is a senior from the Bay Area majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Economics. Her interests lie in natural language processing and computational linguistics. In her free time, you can find her playing Genshin Impact or reading a good book.
Alexia Gilioli
Wellesley Snooze Editor
Alexia is a senior and chemistry major from New York. When she's not satirizing the Wellesley News, you can find her fencing on Wellesley's fencing team, cooking pasta, or playing the triangle for Wellesley's Triangle Band.
Valida Pau
Digital Editor
Valida is a sophomore from Hong Kong studying History and Economics. You can usually find her hanging out with friends or rushing to meet deadlines in Pom living room.
Victoria Ritter von Stein
Co-Head Copy Editor
Victoria is a senior studying international relations - political science. She is from Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA.
Camille Osumah
Co-Head Copy Editor
Camille is a senior studying Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences and Spanish. She enjoys listening to music and avoiding all of her responsibilities with puzzles.
Lucas O'Kelley
Deputy Head Copy Editor
Lucas is a junior from Seattle, WA. He enjoys singing, playing the guitar and the lyre, writing songs, baking, and playing video games.