Editorial Board

Renée Remsberg
Renée is a junior from the Bay Area majoring in Sociology and Economics. When she is not writing articles or training writers, you can find her making coffee with her french press, reading a book, or playing her guitar.
Cheryl Wang
Cheryl is a junior from the Bay Area majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Economics. Her interests lie in natural language processing and computational linguistics. In her free time, you can find her playing Genshin Impact or reading a good book.
Ann Zhao
News Editor
Ann is a sophomore from the suburbs of Chicago, planning to major in cognitive and linguistic sciences. She enjoys reading and writing YA fiction, and at any given point in time, there is probably a Taylor Swift song playing in her head.
Maryam Ahmad
News Editor
Maryam is a sophomore and prospective political science major from Albany, New York. She enjoys listening to all kinds of music, reading fantasy novels, and having intense discussions about Marvel movies, politics, and pop culture.
Andreea Sabau
Opinions Editor
Andreea is a junior from Chicago, IL studying Political Science and Environmental Studies. She loves working out, reading political theory, and playing Animal Crossing.
Toshali Goel
Opinions Editor
Toshali is a junior from the Bay Area majoring in Media Arts & Sciences and English. She loves reading, painting, eating burritos, and watching Bollywood movies in her free time.
Tekla Carlen
Features Editor
Tekla is a sophomore from the San Francisco Bay Area intending to major in Medieval & Renaissance Studies and French. She enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, drinking tea, and exploring Boston.
Iris Francesca Martinez
Features Editor
Iris Francesca is a sophomore from North Texas studying biochemistry and data science. They enjoy writing, plants, reading, and making/listening to oddly specific Spotify playlists.
Molly McCaul
Arts Editor
Molly McCaul is a junior from Medway, Massachusetts majoring in English with Creative Writing. Outside of the News and orgs like Wellesley BlueJazz, Molly's main hobbies are going to concerts and cultivating Spotify playlists.
Marisa Papagelis
Sports and Wellness Editor
Marisa is a senior studying Data Science and Economics. She is from Westborough, Massachusetts, and she enjoys traveling, hiking, and swimming for the varsity swim team. Go Blue!
Liz Sugg
Sports and Wellness Editor
Liz is a junior majoring in Neuroscience. She enjoys listening to music, cooking delicious food, and playing for the Wellesley lacrosse team.
Isabel Flessas
Junior News Editor
Isabel is a sophomore studying biology and psychology. She is native to the Boston area and enjoys writing, biking, and watching movies during her spare time, as well as caring for her pets and plants.
Grace Fang
Junior Opinions Editor
Grace is an International Relations - polisci major. This is her second year writing for the news! She likes to write movie reviews/critiques for the arts section, and op-eds. In her free time, she likes to read science- & historical-fiction, powerlift, make all sorts of art, and watch thriller movies.
Maimoonah Shafqat
Junior Features Editor
Maimoonah is a sophomore from New Jersey majoring in economics. She loves reading YA novels, complaining on Twitter (@maimoonah22), and passionately defending New Jersey
Victoria Ritter von Stein
Head Copy Editor
Victoria is a junior studying international relations - political science. She is from Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA.
Camille Osumah
Deputy Head Copy Editor
Camille is a junior from South Windsor, Connecticut studying Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences and Spanish. She enjoys listening to music, being too committed to her Duolingo streak, and avoiding all of her responsibilities with puzzles.
Jilly O'Kelley
Deputy Head Copy Editor
Jilly is a sophomore from Seattle, WA. She enjoys singing, playing the guitar and the lyre, writing songs, baking, and playing video games.
Alexia Gilioli
Wellesley Snooze Editor
Alexia is a junior chemistry major from New York. When she's not satirizing the Wellesley News, you can find her fencing on Wellesley's fencing team, cooking pasta, or playing the triangle for Wellesley's Triangle Band.
Serena Chan
Head Photography Editor
Serena is a junior from Long Island, New York majoring in Political Science. Asides from photography, she enjoys reading her favorite books: the Neapolitan Novels, watching films, and long-distance running.