The Wellesley News was formed and operates on the ancestral, traditional and contemporary un-ceded lands of the Massachusetts tribe. The staff recognizes that this is stolen land and offers this land acknowledgement to affirm Indigenous sovereignty while committing to holding Wellesley College accountable to the needs of Indigenous peoples and its Indigenous students. 

Established in 1901, the Wellesley News is the only campus newspaper of Wellesley College. The News, which is entirely student-run, is published bi-weekly on Wednesdays during the academic year, both in print and online. On publishing days, paper copies can be found around campus in all academic buildings and dorms; articles are published on our website, thewellesleynews.com, at 9 a.m. EST.

You can contact the Wellesley News at thewellesleynews@gmail.com, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Editorials are the opinion of the News’ Editorial Board. Current members of the Editorial Board are listed online.

Letters to the Editors must be submitted by noon on the Friday before publication. All letters should be addressed to the Editors, and will be published on a first-come, first-serve basis. The News will not print letters that have previously appeared in open Google Groups, on Wellesley social media groups, or in other publications. Letter to the Editors should be in response to a story, column, or editorial in The Wellesley News, or a current issue that is important to the community. The News reserves the right to refuse to publish any letter. 

Opinions pieces are typically required to be published under the author’s name to maintain transparency and accountability. Anonymity requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the editor-in-chief(s) and Opinions team, which assesses the necessity of anonymity based on the content’s context and potential impact. Anonymity is granted under circumstances where disclosure of the author’s identity may pose a risk to their safety or confidentiality, or in situations where anonymity is essential to protect the integrity of sensitive information. 

Advertisements to be placed in the Wellesley News must be received by noon on the Sunday before publication.  Ads for on-campus organizations are free, but due to space constraints, no guarantee is made of their publication.  Paid advertisers can contact the News for rates.  We reserve the right to refuse to run any ad.

Classifieds are $2 for students, faculty and other members of the Wellesley College community. Payment is due at the time the classified ad is placed.  Off-campus classifieds are $40 for the first 30 words, $ .50 a word over 30 words.

Contact Send all inquiries to thewellesleynews@gmail.com or address mail to The Wellesley News, Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center, Wellesley College, 106 Central St., Wellesley, MA  02481-8201.